This Tiny Schnauzer Can't Seem To Stand In Her Life Jacket -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Meet Maggie.  Maggie has a problem: She can't seem to figure out how to stay vertical in her new life jacket--and it is very funny.

Saudi Cleric Declares Ban On Selfies With Cats

The trend of people taking selfies has become ubiquitous around the world it seems, especially if you can get your dog, cat, or other animal to join in. Even in Middle Eastern countries the practice is everywhere. A prominent Saudi Muslim cleric has issued a pronouncement saying the taking of selfies with cats  -- or any other animal -- must be banned.

Spring: The Perfect Time To Eat Slugs

Okay, the thought of eating slugs is a bit, well, disgusting, to say the least. I mean, they aren't exactly what someone would look at and say, "Now, there's good eats!" However, with Harry Potter Jelly Slugs there will be some tasty eating going on.

PetsLady's Pick: Gross! Ugh! Slug Of The Day

Today is a holiday. Well, sort of. It is a strictly tongue-in-cheek affair called The Slugs Return From Capistrano Day. Since slugs don't winter over there it makes little sense.

'Athleisure' Wear Has Gone To The Dogs With Max-Bone

Looking for everyday wear doggy duds or even a bow tie for your favorite pooch to slouch around in? Now there's a designer out of L.A. that's creating "modern pieces with a focus on quality and fabrics that are timeless" with pets in mind. Find out who she is and where you can get them here.

Meet The Royal Hamster, HRH Marvin, The Adorable Fashion Dish

Who is HRH Marvin, what was his inspiration and who's the illustrator behind him? Meet the newest royal member who's come to paper for the whole world to enjoy and find out which social media platform allows you to follow his progress right here.

Cats Meet Puppies -- The "I Am Confused As To What This Thing Is" Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Let's face it: cats are very stand-offish.  They are curious, but generally don't have the nerve to move in and investigate.  So when a puppy is thrown into the scenario, much confusion ensues.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Mob Boss Cat Of The Day

Infamous mob boss, Vito Catleone, takes a moment out of his busy schedule to count his blessings. Who knew they made cigars out of catnip leaves?

Creating A Home Your Ferret Will Love

What's the best type of cage for a ferret? What about the best beds for them? How often should you clean their cages? Do you have any idea how many hours of sleep they're capable of getting each day? Find out the answers to those questions and others by reading up on Creating a Home Your Ferret will Love.

Create Your Own Cute Jellyfish

Jellyfish are incredible creatures that are not really fish and certainly never made of jelly. You can crochet your own jellies for fun and decoration with a simple pattern -- and you get to choose your own colors.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Fast Food Chinchilla Of The Day

Even thoughs I tries to eat healthy there just comes them days when I gotta go for ther fast foods. And double up on ther caffeines.